Vernal Equinox 2013

When day and night are equal and when the sun rises and sets due east and west, it is a sign of spring.... and with this change comes new growth. 

I pass under an arch of cherry and plum blossoms every day on my walk to the bus stop, and today this blanket of petals covered the sidewalk. I am suddenly hyper-aware that time is passing. How am I spending it?

I evaluate in my step how these days feel like a long to-do list, in both good and indifferent ways. I'm reminded of the Saipua blog post I read this morning — check it out, it's good — about priorities and career and calling quits on the things we don't want to do. So this season, as it happens every few seasons, instead of letting my responsibilities weigh down on me, I choose to focus on the things that I care about, and only those things.

Change is coming for me, and I welcome it.