Spring Cocktails

I'm so thankful that Connie reached out to me through this blog a couple months ago. We had common ground as aspiring stylists, and we decided to do a test shoot together. Here is the result!

Brainstorming over about two dozen emails, we came up with the idea of a spring cocktail shoot. The seasons were just starting to turn, so wanted to work around bright, happy colors. Connie came up with the idea of cocktails, which we'd have to concoct and then consume, so why not? Concept, check. Her parter Bryan does photography on the side, so we had a photographer. Check. One Google doc, a ton of mood boards and a delayed shoot day due to gloomy weather? Check check check. 

I lugged a suitcase over to their place a few days before and a bag full of flowers on the day of, and we immediately got to work. My favorite part was tossing ideas back and forth and seeing what organically formed. We ended up rearranging the entire living room, which they left untouched after the shoot. We even photographed our lunch, that Bryan picked up from Salumera. Best salami sandwich I've ever tasted. Connie and Bryan, you two were so much fun to work with, and so dang cute together, might I add. What’s next?


Styling by Connie Chung and Milan Lee.  All photos by Bryan Song. If you are a photographer or fellow stylist or have access to a beautiful space, let's talk.