Kamakura home

To preface: Jas and I are going to Japan and Korea in a month (eee! still have to book hotels!) and I am so looking forward to being completely inundated with inspiration. And perspiration. It'll be the beginning of the hot summer months, the only time I've ever visited Japan so I don't know any better. It's also my first time to Korea and Jason's first time to Japan, so we'll take turns playing tour guide!

I could go on about how big of a fan I am of The Selby and his work, but the primary reason for this post is to share one of his features, the bright seaside home of Hitoshi Uchida-san and his family in Kamakura, Japan.

Been thinking about where to go and I wish we could tour this home while we're there. As I study to be a stylist, I realize that this kind of personality and life history is one-of-a-kind. Lifestyle is a genuine existence that can't—and shouldn't— be reproduced. The best I can do is absorb and enjoy the experience, and draw from it for inspiration. What I see in these photos is my dream: A beach house in a small town of Japan. That, or to be Todd Selby himself.

all photos by The Selby

Aside from daydreaming about stalking people in their homes, this weekend we enjoyed the warmest weather in the bay so far. To offset the cost of eating out Friday and Saturday, I rushed around the kitchen for three hours, prepping two meals from What Katie Ate to enjoy throughout the week. 

A rich, slow roasted pork and red wine ragu, and a pork, pumpkin (butternut squash) and sage canneloni (lasagna). Three things about the canneloni: 1) I used butternut squash because I couldn't find a pumpkin and I used lasagna noodles because I didn't want to use too much ricotta for a stuffing; 2) this recipe is waaaay too much for two people, and I tried to invite people over but no luck! Guess it's lasagna week, and 3) I'm determined to learn how to photograph lasagna as appetizing as Katie does. It's got to be the hardest thing to food style!

I shredded the pork this morning before work and I am so excited to get home and make worth out of the fifteen thousand steps of the recipe.

Happy Monday!