Small Steps and Big Leaps

We're leaving for our first ever Asia trip in less than a week! This trip has been on our life-list for years. After we got married we especially felt the need to go visit our family that couldn't make it to the wedding. You know that feeling when you decide to commit to something and seconds later you sense that it was a good and sound choice? That's how I felt when we purchased plane tickets: it immediately felt like the right thing to do. Whether it's choosing what to wear in the morning or what to eat off of a menu, signing a lease for a home or a marriage certificate, I believe that sometimes it's good to take a leap of faith and then wait for the goodness to sink in deep.

I bought these Superga shoes for walking—how hard is it to find comfortable women's walking shoes?!—and I'm ready to explore. I am a heavy planner but an easy traveler — as long as I keep an open heart and eyes wide open, nothing can go wrong. I'll have my camera at my hip the whole time, so watch this space for travel photos sooooon. 


From the archives:

New York, a work trip with some me-time squeezed between

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Belize, a retreat that my college friend and I booked and scheduled, only to realize one week prior that we had been talking about different dates the whole time!! We ended up taking separate trips, a month apart, with another friend, but man, always a funny story.