House Rules

Inspired by Apartment 34's house rules on their about page. 

I like that I can pick and choose which house rules to adopt for myself. It's important to remember that such a manifesto is personal, and likely abides to different values than the house next door.

My House Rules might look something like:

A $20 meal is usually more special than a $200 meal. Milk natural light when you can.

Make time to watch the sun set. 

Drink warm lemon water every morning.  

Treasure the friend who actively encourages you to be better.

Balance is everything // Too much of something is entirely possible.

Whether good or bad, remember that many things happen only once. 

Similarly, remember to breathe and be present. 

Never shout from another room. (Literally a house rule)

What do you insist on? What do you live by everyday? What are your "house rules"?