My Happy Place

I like to go on vacation for any reason at all: to run away from the everyday mundane; to create new memories; to reconnect and be present; to adventure and explore; to eat. Whatever the impetus and however the trip went, I look forward to coming back home just as much. Laying in my familiar bed with the familiar smells, and closing my eyes and being able to instantly travel back and experience it all over again: it's all part of my vacation experience. Time traveling makes the world seem all the more closer together and...connected. 

Last night I finally went through camera photos from our Maui trip from 2012 and my body and mind immediately went to a relaxed, post-coital, food-coma-like zen zone. I know we all claim to have seen the best sunsets in the world at one point in our lives, but just take a moment to let your mind melt into the painted ocean below. You'll see.

What's your happy place?  If it's vacation-able, I'd love to add it to my list.