It's a wet week over here in the fine state of California, finally, and the weekend is like looking much of the same. Being inside during my first week of maternity leave has gotten me in the mood to start one project and finish another project. Clearly not as good as starting and finishing the same project but whatever. My immediate intention is to "do" despite the results.

Painting Projects   With J's help I've been researching and practicing oil paint techniques—who knew painting could be so technical??— and I plan to revisit a big landscape painting-from-a-photo I started over a year ago. Had to dig pretty far back on my Instagram for these images—as you can see I have a base layer down (right) but am ready for details to get closer to the original photograph (left):


Small Shop Projects Or does anyone remember my Thoughtless Friends? I starting making little figurines during a particularly hermetic period at the end of 2012 and even intended to sell them online in Spring 2013. That didn't happen. Since them I've sculpted over 20 of these lil' creatures and I'd like to actually finish painting the gold accents and whip up an e-commerce page on this blog, a nice feature of Squarespace. Should be easy peasy! (I can faintly hear the smug laughter of my future self but I'm choosing to ignore it.)


Culinary Projects I've also been stocking up on food to freeze for us parents for when baby arrives and demands for all of our time and energy. I've never actually cooked a meal with the intent to freeze it, so not tasting the results fresh out of the oven or pot was kind of lacking. However, I'm feeling accomplished and it was the perfect way to keep busy on my first week off.

The thing I like most about cooking is that finishing what you started is kind of the point. Sure, it's a project that involves significant planning (figure out what I have already, shop the ingredients, time it right for serving) but if I plan it right, I end up feeling proudly resourceful and Superwomanish. Then there's the novelty and challenge that comes with new recipes and techniques. And, finally, if it tastes great? Wins all around.

Here's what I made and stored this week:

  • White rice (for unagi-don, bulgogi and chicken curry)
  • Steamed broccoli and green beans
  • Japanese chicken curry
  • Rigatoni 'n' cheese w leeks and butternut squash
  • Strawberry pop tarts
  • Lasagna bolognese

It's not easy to find freezable dishes. Any suggestions? What little projects do you work on in your down time? I'm all ears.