Support vs. Advice

I'm feeling thankful for more daylight, family walks, sweet baby dozing on my shoulder, and easy times. We've had a frustrating couple of days but we're in touch with amazing support people and tomorrow is looking hopeful. 

Side thought: as a new mama I'm learning there is a fine line btwn *support* versus *advice*. When did I get so sensitive? I don't have any more grains of salt to handle the next bit of "advice" for fear of potential judgment or comparison. 

There's that F-word again. I thought that letting go was the antidote to all fear, allowing oneself to be open without inhibition to welcome all possibilities, both bad and good. But this feels like it's a matter of protection, of a fragile vulnerability of my soul. I want to protect what is mine to own: from my birth story, to my family values to my son as a human being, this is my story to experience and own. It is not up for discussion, let alone judgment or comparison. So perhaps the true antidote to this kind of fear, instead of letting go, is holding on. Owning and being proud of what is mine and who I am. (I'll save the "who am I" reflection for another post).

If you have thoughts about that, I am currently accepting encouraging love. :)