And Then There Were Three

photo (4).JPG

We welcomed our son Ryo into the world with some tears and a lot of "Oh my god!"s. Our room was windowless and dimly lit so I had no idea it was 2:45pm in the afternoon. We had the rest of the day to soak it all in.

Full birth story to come sometime, but here are the points I want to write about:

  • Chronological order of events.
  • Things I'm proud of, like laboring for 34 hours for the goal of a natural delivery. Achievement unlocked.
  • Things I'm not proud of, like how I couldn't totally relax and how loud I was. Animalistic is an appropriate descriptor!
  • Jason. Of course I have to gush about Jason.
  • Mantras that worked for me. 
  • Attempt to describe what contractions and pushing feels like. (Spoiler Alert: INSANE.)
  • What I wish I had known, and would I do it again.

He's 11 days young today, and we've learned so much about each other already. Every day we work together as a family to make breastfeeding and sleeping and soothing better, and I think it's working. Jason and I have high spirits and are pretty much gushing over how everything he does is cute cute cute. He'll never be this tiny again and it makes me want to stare at him just a bit longer...