Glossier Branding + Self Care

Seriously THE BEST branding and copywriting I've seen. No joke. Love it. Ugh. Who said they could change my life. I ordered their starter pack and their packaging is en pointe. It even came with a small poster and a freak'n' sticker pack. Talk about accessing my little prepubescent collector nerd self.

Oh and the Glossier products are pretty good too. Now that I'm 30 I decided to shape up and act like an adult woman who loves herself and has a beauty regimen. I like to think I'm natural and a minimalist, but I think I just need to care more. I've been terrible about applying sunscreen / moisturizer my whole life, and my daily routine hasn't changed for 8 years. I'll do the basic eyeliner, mascara and blush, and sometimes I'll wash my face. Nice. 

Now, I'm changing how I view "beauty". Instead of something superficial and reaching, I approach adorning my body with joy and taking care of my outer self as a way of honoring my soul's expression. So, this Glossier starter kit includes a gloss, mist, and lotion that I now use regularly. Every other week I use this Korean clay bubble mask that feels super weird but I like it. I Adele my nails. Shower every once in a while. I don't know if it makes a difference really, I'm certainly not seeing any Benji Button effects, but I know and trust that there is something sacred in the ritual of self-love and self-care.