Foraged: Interviews // Pt. 1, USA

You're going to have to pardon my French on this one, but the internet is such a fucking inspiring place. You open a single window and click one link, which takes you to the next link, which you open in a new tab, in fact you open a few tabs, and the next thing you know, a surge of talent, portfolios and blogs and articles and networking and sharing is filling your screen in tabulated form. It's overwhelming but you love it and you want more and you start to think that nothing is ever enough, and you start to think that the world is way bigger than it actually is, and start to feel smaller than you actually are.

No, I'm not calling you fat. :)

I'm saying that while the internet is a vast, whale of inspiration available to you, browse with admiration, but more importantly, with an openness and compassion toward yourself as well. It could be you. You are good enough. You are amazing.

Thanks to the internet, the uprising of interview blogs out there awesome, but the high-quality of the content is astounding. Online journals are my favorite source of inspiration because they  

  1. are typically well designed, with good typography and photography,
  2. fulfill my fetish of peeking into people's windows by stepping into their studio or home (probably shouldn't admit this publicly), and
  3. remind me that everyone has a story.

Here's a list that I've compiled, shared in two parts. Today, USA. Tomorrow, we go overseas.


Form and Future // San Francisco, CA  Advice and knowledge sharing platform by Laura Helen Winn for emerging artists, designers and makers. "It's for beginners who aim to bridge the gap between their work and their aspirations". I think many of us can relate to that, no?


Grain and Gram // Orlando, FL  Enlightening accounts of gentlemen and their journeys to a lifestyle of craftsmanship. They haven't posted in many months but what they have is juicy good, and I'm female.


Industry of One // New York, NY  "...explore the style trappings of various industries + professions and document the relationship between one's line of work + walk of life." I don't know why but I like that they list by first name only. And, the photography is sublime.