Union Jack

Fashion. UK. Prop styling. Two things I know next to nothing about, and one thing I'm gradually getting to know. It was a busy weekend but I was lucky to be able to tag along on this testshoot, even just for the first half. And what a location... 

I shook hands with Leila and she quickly dove into sharing anecdotes about the industry and showing me the ropes, all with such openness and candor. Completely grateful. I really didn't do anything to contribute, except steam a few textiles, but just to be around these talented professionals was an eye opening experience—I realized that I have a long way to go, but it’s not at all impossible.

Thank you Leila and crew for having me!

BTS shots by Milan Lee
Photographer Ericka McConnell | Assisted by Nico Oved // Prop Stylist Leila Nichols // Wardrobe Jane Black // Makeup/Hair Lisa Strutz